uPro GPS by Callaway Review

The Callaway uPro golf GPS is a GPS system from one of the most trusted names in golfing equipment. What catches the eye about the Callaway uPro is the unit’s sleek, modern design. The uPro was clearly designed as the iPod of golf GPS units. Lighter and thinner than many similar products on the market, the uPro golf GPS by Callaway fits easily into a pocket or belt holder. Its 2.2″ high-res screen is sure to impress everyone on the course.


Callaway uPro GPS

Full-Color Aerial Views

Unlike many other golf GPS systems, the Callaway uPro GPS displays full-color aerial photographs of the hole so you can map out your next shot as you wait your turn. View where the sand traps and hazards are located and check the distance to the green so you can always choose the right club. Measure mode provides a quick and easy way to find the distance to any point on the hole.


  • Extremely lightweight at just 3.2 ounces
  • Provides accurate distances in Measure Mode
  • SmartView technology provides an overhead view of the hole as you move down the fairway
  • Easy to use interface
  • Access to Callaway’s extensive golf course database
  • Battery indicator lets you know when the unit’s lithium ion battery needs recharging (battery is rated at 10-12 hours)


  • Some computer knowledge is helpful when downloading courses
  • Unit is not waterproof

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