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Callaway uPro Go GPS Review

The uPro Go GPS is the latest entry by Callaway and one of the most popular units on the market right now. It’s an update from its predecessor, the uPro GPS, which is known for its stunning aerial photographs. The aerial photos are gone from the uPro Go, as Callaway has decided to focus more on function and affordability in its latest product offering.

When I first heard that Callaway was coming out with a new GPS unit to target the lower end of the GPS marketplace I figured it would be similar to the Garmin GolfLogix or iGolf models-a simple black and white unit with basic functionality. To my surprise the uPro Go actually looks like a higher-end model. The 240 x 320 hi-res screen is the same size as that of the original uPro, and although it lacks the aerial pictures of its big brother the full-color screen is still quite impressive. In addition the unit is preloaded with a whopping 18,000 courses, so there are no fees associated with downloading new courses.

Basic Mode Vs. Go Mode

One thing to note about the uPro Go is that it operates in two different modes: Basic Mode and Go Mode. Basic Mode provides you with all the basic info you need like the distance to the green and all hazards. It also lets you easily measure the distances of your shots. Go Mode gives you a more detailed map of the course and automatically updates distances as you move. The only drawback is that there’s a one time activation fee of $49.99 if you wish to activate Go Mode on your unit. The device is still quite usable without Go Mode, but it will reduce the functionality quite a bit.


Here are the pros and cons of the Callaway uPro Go GPS:


•    The size of this unit is quite compact, making it easy to carry in a pocket as you play. It’s a good choice for players who hate having to carry around their GPS on a belt clip.

•    Attractive color screen. This gives it a leg up on the similarly-priced GolfLogix and its black & white monitor.

•    Interface is intuitive. Most players should be able to figure out how to use all its features rather quickly.

•    Distance tracking feature is easy to use and seems accurate.

•    The unit can be set to go into sleep mode so you can save battery power if it has been on idle for about 30 seconds or more.


•    Does not calculate advanced yardages for lay-ups and doglegs.

•    Information on hazards can be a bit confusing in basic mode without the ability to view the entire hole at one time. This can be remedied by activating Go Mode.

•    The unit lacks a scorecard feature to keep tabs on you and your partner’s scores. The addition of this feature would have been a nice touch.

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